Intertek’s Global Supplier Management: We Make Ends Meet

Supplier Intelligence at your fingertips

Rooted in our over 130 year history of delivering value and quality to corporations the world over, Intertek has developed the Global Supplier Management (GSM) system to provide intelligence you need to run a global business in the 21st century. This online tool and our proven methodology including supplier on-boarding, assessment and risk analysis services can help companies manage and mitigate risk, streamlining and integrating your procurement and compliance strategies, while also reducing costs and effort.

GSM enables your company to have:

  • A more global view of your supply chain through an easy to use online system
  • A full end-to-end assurance process, provided by Intertek, whose vast experience has supported thousands of multinational organizations around the world
  • Access to real supply chain experts based in over 60 country offices and covering over 150 countries
  • Access to Intertek’s leading Standards in issue areas such as Supply Chain Security, Social Responsibility and Quality Assurance.

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Identify, Analyze and Mitigate Risk

Intertek works with companies to use GSM to identify which areas of risk are most relevant to their business operations, which often include:

  • Country Risk
  • Social Compliance Risk
  • Quality Control Risk
  • Supply Chain Security Risks
  • Environmental Risks
  • Business Ethics Risks
  • Intellectual Property Risks
  • And Others

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Collaborate in Intertek GSM Standards Communities

As a major force for improving suppliers compliance and performance around the world, and supported by 1,000 supplier management staff in over 60 countries, Intertek’s Global Supplier Management Standards Communities serve as a central point for both suppliers and buyers to participate, learn and improve against various regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.

At the heart of these communities are our Intertek risk based assessment tools and audit solutions for buyers and suppliers seeking a cost-effective way to improve performance against widely accepted industry standards and best practices.

See select highlighted communities below and learn more about all of our Intertek Standard Communities here.

A happy, healthy workforce is a more productive workforce

WCA is one of the largest supply chain social responsibility programs with over 150 multinational brands and retailer participants and 25,000 reports in circulation.

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Enhance visibility and manage risk

GSV is the preeminent supply chain security audit tool and protocol, with over 100 global multinational brands and retailers participating and with over 31,000 reports in circulation.

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Manufacture with confidence

Product quality and safety have become increasingly important to the health of your business. Tighter regulations can bring increased risk of product recalls. International retailers and buyers are looking for more effective ways to evaluate supplier manufacturing performance.

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A sustainable approach to keep the value chain green.

In today’s global marketplace, manufacturers and consumers are more concerned than ever about the impact of products on the environment.


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In the competitive apparel sector, retailers and brands are increasingly concerned about the quality of the textiles. They know that textile quality is crucial to the quality of the finished garment.


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Improve product safety. Ensure brand integrity.

Testing against CPSIA requirements, while important to protect consumers, is only one part of the assurance process.


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