As a major force for improving suppliers compliance and performance around the world, and supported by over 1,000 supplier management staff in over 60 country offices, Intertek’s Global Supplier Management Standard’s Communities serve as a central point for both suppliers and buyers to participate, learn and improve against various regulatory and other stakeholder requirements. At the heart of these communities are our Intertek risk based assessment tools and audit solutions for buyers and suppliers seeking a cost-effective way to improve performance against widely accepted industry standards and best practices.

Our full range of supplier management and supply chain auditing services that each community provides offer both a level of visibility and transparency and unique benefits for both buyers and suppliers, unparalleled in the market. The current codes and reference standards central to each community have been extensively researched and developed in collaboration with the world’s leading consumer brands and retailers.

We are now bringing to life the Intertek Standards Communities where suppliers can share and showcase their audit results and history to help provide easier and quicker visibility to their Buyers/Companies they work with.

Environmental Responsibility

In today’s global marketplace, manufacturers and consumers are more concerned than ever about the impact of products on the environment. Companies all over the world are working to improve environmental practices across their supply chains.

Our Environmental focused communities enable vendors and facilities to showcase environmental best practices while improving the bottom line. By reducing costs, improving materials and committing to green manufacturing best practices, we can ensure a safer environment that benefits business as well as consumers.


Product quality and safety have become increasingly important to the reputation of businesses everywhere. With both tighter regulations increasing risk of product recalls and enhanced evaluation measures international buyers are placing on supply chain partners, adherence to quality control norms and best practices are of utmost importance. Intertek’s community of supply chain quality programs offers world-class industry standards that measure performance and drives constant improvement through innovative reporting and benchmarking.

Our Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) and its Trim Supplier (TQP) and Mills (MQP) modules, coupled with a full range of other services, provide buyers and suppliers with an ideal improvement oriented community.


Whether for compliance to import security requirements or brand or product related security concerns such as Intellectual Property protection, the dynamic global trade environment has driven a need for more assurance in areas related to supply chain security. For import security specifically, the supply chain security standards and criteria, including Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Partners in Protection (PIP) and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), have been recognized and implemented by the global trade community. As part of enforcing and adhering to the international supply chain security standards, companies must assess their supply chain to identify, mitigate and eliminate potential security risks or breaches of Intellectual Property commitments by supplier partners.

Intertek’s security communities provide solutions for companies who must comply with the requirement of segmenting and understanding their supply chain risks.

Social Responsibility

A happy, healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Companies are demanding more effective ways to evaluate their suppliers’ workplace conditions. How do your suppliers measure up to the competition in the same industry, country or global marketplace? What are the greatest challenges facing your suppliers? Where should you invest resources? The answers to these and other questions are critical to the improvement and overall performance of your supply chain.

As the global leader in supply chain CSR services, Intertek provides a wide range of services for improving performance in areas of social compliance. Central to this is our Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) community of more than 15,000 participating suppliers , all of which are participating in Intertek’s cost-effective and innovative solution for managing social compliance across a variety of complex supply chains.

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