GSM Business Profile

Intertek Expertise = Your Success

Intertek has created a market-leading GSM Business Profile Questionnaire which was designed to cover all the main areas needed to effectively understand better and manage a supplier. Areas covered by this profile include:

  • Company Profile
  • Operational Controls
  • Capabilities
  • Quality Compliance
  • Social Compliance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Security Compliance
  • Other Qualifications
  • Integrity and Anti-Corruption Practices

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Conflict Minerals

A New Dawn in Reporting on Ethical Conduct in Supply Chains

On August 22, 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued final rules to implement Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which requires companies to provide disclosures about conflict minerals that are “necessary to the functionality or production of a product manufactured by the company.” Conflict minerals like gold, wolframite and other minerals determined by the U.S. government to be financing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries.

Once a reporting company has determined that conflict minerals are necessary, a company must conduct a good faith inquiry regarding the origin of its conflict minerals.

Intertek Global Supplier Management (GSM) is an on-line platform that enables companies to efficiently collect, manage and report conflict minerals-related data in a seamless process.

After a general supplier profile is created on the GSM platform, suppliers are prompted by the system to complete Conflict Minerals specific questionnaire based on the EICC/GeSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template.

With minimal time and cost commitment from your end, Global Supplier Management offers the perfect solution to monitor and manage Conflict Minerals risks in your supply chain.


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Social Responsibility

A Happy, Healthy Workforce Is a More Productive Workforce

Companies are demanding more effective ways to evaluate their suppliers’ workplace conditions, as areas related to corporate social responsibility is increasingly important to investors, consumers and other stakeholders.

How do your suppliers measure up to the competition in the same industry, country or global marketplace? What are the greatest challenges facing your suppliers? Where should you invest resources?

The answers to these and other questions are critical to the improvement and overall performance of your supply chain. The GSM Social Responsibility profile was created based on Intertek’s over 20 years of experience as a pioneer in the area.

This GSM profile assesses a suppliers compliance to the following areas:

  • Child Labor, Forced Labor
  • Discipline and Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Freedom of Association
  • Employment Contracts
  • Health and Safety
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Working Hours
  • Management Systems
  • Environmental Compliance

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Intertek provides a variety of unique sustainability related questionnaires that can be tailored to each unique client's requirements. Principally, they include Water and Carbon foot-printing to better assess the environmental impacts in your supply chain.


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