Cleanse Supplier Data    

You Cannot Manage Risk Without Accurate Information

At Intertek, a leading provider of supply chain inspection and auditing services globally, we know that a vast majority of companies cannot guarantee the validity of who their supply chain partners are, and in many cases do not know where goods and services are coming from. Thus, the first step to any effective supplier management program is to identify and validate all supplier data appropriately.

How We Validate Your Supplier Data

As part of an effective supplier data cleansing, the Intertek GSM team will work with your internal teams and your existing supply chain information sources (lists) to collect missing supplier data and validate accuracy, such as but not limited to:

  • Supplier Company Name, and/or legal entity
  • Contact Persons
  • Address
  • Email
  • Confirmation of business contract
  • Business Relationship
  • Nature of products or services being provided

Onboard Suppliers

On-boarding your suppliers properly and effectively into the system is important in order for your organization to achieve your project goals in a reasonable timeframe. Should you need support, the Intertek GSM Project Management team, will assist your organization to upload all supplier data into the GSM system.

The Intertek GSM team works with you to create customized messages communicating to suppliers what is expected as part of the initial invitation to register in the system. These messages create a culture of understanding and compliance, and provide step by step instructions to make the process as clear and simple as possible. For supplier paid initiatives, suppliers can pay directly in GSM via PayPal, Credit Card or bank wire.

Local Intertek GSM team members will support your suppliers via both telephone and email, leveraging our global team of supply chain experts located strategically in over 60 countries. Beyond that, Intertek GSM staff of analysts and technical experts can be available to tailor an educational on boarding program around your GSM-based initiative, ranging from basic webinar trainings, supplier communication packages and guidance manuals, to more detailed in-person trainings and beyond – our professionals provide a market leading degree of assurance.

Profile Suppliers    

Effective Supplier Management Is All About Accurate Information...

The heart of the GSM process is delivering and verifying supply chain information. GSM provides unique decision support tools that enable companies to understand and act upon customizable assessment data across the supply chain.

Once your suppliers have been onboarded successfully on to our GSM platform, they will then start the assessment process which will involve them being invited to complete one or more Self -assessment Questionnaires (SAQ), to better analyze their unique risks and also understand their capabilities and operations.

Suppliers will enter the system through their own private Dashboard which will allow them to:

  • Identify self-assessments they have been assigned
  • Check the status of their completion as a percentage indicator
  • Confirm they have completed and submitted their assessment
  • Obtain the result of their assessment
  • Download their assessment report and print a copy 
  • Update their information upon performance improvements completion 
  • Determine when their next self-assessment is due

Your organization can track all supplier responses on your dashboard. You can also obtain KPI reports from your Program Manager at Intertek to determine why suppliers are not completing the assessment.

Design a Supplier Questionnaire that Fits

A questionnaire can be as simple or complex as your organizational needs dictate. Some client users manage supplier SAQs around one particular compliance issue, while others prefer to use the Intertek Business Profile or Standard Questionnaires. Each questionnaire GSM offers is supported by unique supply chain expertise rooted in Intertek’s 130 years experience in the Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification industry.

Discover a variety of turnkey GSM supplier risk questionnaires here.

Intertek has created supplier self assessment questionnaires specifically tailored to a wide variety of compliance areas. See samples here.


Sample Completed GSM Supplier Questionnaire

Analyze Supplier Risk    

Analyzing supplier risk in GSM is based on a combination of factors, derived from a variety of sources such as external inherent risk factors, company/brand specific risks internal to your organization, and supplier provided responses to their online Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs).

Each organization/client can design their own customized supplier risk scorecard based on these risk inputs, according to business needs.

Inherent Risks: Before supplier's business profile or SAQ completion, GSM can assign a risk segmentation or score based on inherent factors, such as:

  • Country of Origin
  • Production Type
  • Additional customized risk areas 

SAQ Risks: After the Business Profile or selected SAQ has been completed, you can start analyzing results based on the aggregate of all supplier disclosures. This will allow you to identify suppliers that either comply or don’t with a certain criteria/standard. Ultimately this will allow you to prioritize your suppliers into risk categories such as:

  • Most Frequent (or Top 10) Non-Compliance Questions
  • Performance Trends by Region, Country, Product Category, etc.
  • Top 10 / Bottom 10 Suppliers by Ranking
  • Self-Assessment Result by Questionnaire Category
  • Key Section Performance by Questionnaire Category
  • Issue Drill Down by Country or Region

Sample Real Time Risk Analytics in our Online Dashboard

Audit Supplier Onsite   

Our audits and on-site verification assessments are an effective way to obtain and validate detailed supplier information. This will take the due diligence of their business profile and self-assessment questionnaire review to the next stage to ensure it is validated by a third party.

Intertek can perform physical on-site audits to provide you with the confidence of your supplier’s processes, systems and capabilities. These are typically undertaken for your most critical and highest risk-profile suppliers.

Here a few reasons why Intertek is your qualified partner:

  • 20+ years history in onsite compliance auditing
  • Assessed over half a million factories for CSR performance over that time
  • 60,000 onsite compliance audits conducted in 2015
  • Working with 100 of the Fortune 500 companies
  • We have thousands of unique clients using our online audit and data management platforms; our online platforms host over 100,000 factories

Sample Onsite Auditing Programs

Intertek has a range of compliance verification audit programs you can use to help assess key compliance risks. Below are sample onsite audit programs we offer that complement our GSM supply chain efforts:

GSM Profile Verification -- Onsite
Facility evaluation and validation of GSM Business Profile and/or Supplier Self Assessments
Other Onsite Compliance Audits
CSR / Social Compliance
  • Intertek’s Standard Workplace Conditions Assessment
  • SMETA – Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit
  • BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative
  • ICS – Initiative Clause Sociale
  • EICC – Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition
  • ICTI – International Council for Toy Industries
  • SA 8000 – Social Accountability International audit
  • WRAP – Worldwide Responsible Accredited Program
  • PSCI- Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative
  • TfS – Together for Sustainability
  • And More
Quality Management Systems and Compliance
  • Intertek’s Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)
  • Intertek’s Mill Qualification Program (MQP)
  • Intertek’s Trim Qualification Program (TQP)
  • Industry Standards like:
    • BRC – British Retailer Consortium
    • ISO 19001 … and more
Supply Chain Security (C-TPAT, PIP, AEO)
  • Intertek's Global Security Verification
  • Other client specific programs
Environmental Compliance
  • Intertek’s Think Green Initiative (TGI)
  • Intertek’s Environmental Chemical Management (ECM)
  • Higg Index Verification Services
  • Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) Services
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)
  • Other industry standards and client specific programs

Train & Educate Suppliers   

Whether you need to educate your suppliers about why you are engaging in this process, or you need to educate them on your requirements, or you want to support them with completing the assessment in more detail, you can engage Intertek to manage these trainings and education sessions for you.

Your suppliers can attend one of our regular supplier education webinars, or we can create specific customised webinars or in-person trainings addressing your suppliers’ needs.

Once you have finally analyzed and assessed potential risks to your business, you may want to try minimize those risks by working more closely with those suppliers to improve the issues.

Through our Capacity Building team we can provide a number of training and support packages. Please contact our team to find out more.

Outsource Your Supplier Management Program To Us

Many of our clients decide rather than spending their own time and resources to recruit, develop, train and manage an internal team to oversee supply chain management, they opt to outsource this function to Intertek. After all we are experts in Supply Chain Compliance and Risk Management, and have a number of outsourcing functions from full management to delivering specific parts of the overall process.


Contact our team for more information.

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