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I am not receiving any email from system

Please add to your contact list and now check your Junk Email, Spam and Trash Folder, if still not Please contact

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Service/Profile is activated for my account. What I need to do next?

Basic Profile is a questions set which client is expecting you update.....

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How to clear Browsing History/Cookies/Cache on browser?

For Google Chrome:Step 1 : Go to right hand corner of the browser , a drop down menu will appear.Step 2 : Click on settings in the drop down options. Step 3 : Click on Show Advanced Settings. Step 4 : Click on Clear Browsing data. Step 5 : Check the following list of radio buttons then go to Browsing History then go to Download History then go to Cookies then go to Cached Images and Files Step. 6 : Click on Clear Browsing Data Button on the lower left. Step 7 :Login again

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Browser's Popup Blocker detected

You need to disable browser's pop-up blocker
popup blocker icon

A pop-up is a web browser window that appears on top of the website you're viewing.

Pop-up Blocker is a feature in your browser that lets you limit or block most pop-ups. Global Supplier Management will require popup blocker to be disabled. To change the Pop-up Blocker settings, follow these steps:

To disable the pop-up blocker

  • Open the Options window in Firefox.
  • Click on the Web Features icon.
  • Uncheck the Block pop-up Windows option.Click Apply and OK to close the options window.
  • Open the Tools button, then select the Pop-up Blocker option.
  • Click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.
  • Open the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Show advanced settings.
  • In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button.
  • In the "Pop-ups" section, click Manage exceptions.